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Welcome to my User talk page!

I'm a native speaker of English - can read (but not write) Spanish and French.
Please don't hesitate to write however's good for you, and we'll find a way to understand each other!

#REDIRECT[editá fuente]

Hi Deborahjay, thank you for your help and alertness. I created the templates based on the spelling used in the underlying articles. Both spelling versions (official depending on the island concerned) are accepted on this wikipedia, excluding the public space where only one version is used for standardisation. Would a redirect solve the problem and how do I go about this? Cheers, Caribiana (diskushon) 14:06, 25 mei 2021 (UTC)

Hello, Caribiana. Nice to meet you!* I appreciate your explanation. It's in line with what Frank Geerlings wrote at Template talk:Navegacion simbolo nacional Aruba (and I'll reply there too). Creating #REDIRECT pages is really more helpful for the sake of end users who search content without knowing exact page names or existing categories. Without my knowing the language here, I'd best focus on cleanup from the Páginanan spesial such as "Pages not connected to items" with Wikidata interwiki links (and the occasional Merge as may be required). *I recently attended a Zoom session with the Wikimedians of the Caribbean User Group, along with User:Ciell who signed the community up to participate in the upcoming WPWP campaign (whose communities liaison coordinator I am). Deborahjay (diskushon) 15:44, 27 mei 2021 (UTC)
Welcome Deborahjay! It would be great if you could help with those kind of maintenance jobs. Thanks so much for your visit here :) Ciell (diskushon) 19:21, 27 mei 2021 (UTC)