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Robert (Joy) Hosé (☆ 14 di febrüari 1949 na - 23 di òktober 2023 na Willemstad ) tabata un hungadó di pinpòn di Kòrsou di fama legendario. E tabata kampeon di Kòrsou di 1966 te 1972 i a optené varios título na Antia i internashonalmente, entre otro na 1971 kampeon latinoamerikano na Paraguay.

Biografia[editá | editá fuente]

Joy Hosé a nase na Kòrsou den e famia Hosé-Pimentel. E tin un ruman muhé i dos ruman hòmber. Su ruman mayó Humphrey tabata aktivo komo tenista profeshonal i su omo Iyo Pimentel tambe tabata tenista internashonal.

  • Tim e Reino

Kampeonato Oropeo[editá | editá fuente]

Edishon 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1960 1962 1964 1965 1967 1969 1971 1973 1975 1977 1979 1981 1983
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* In 1954, 1955 en 1967 geen deelname.

Kopa Interkontinental[editá | editá fuente]

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E artíkulo aki ta skirbí na papiamentu. Lo ta apresiá si por mantené e artíkulo aki na estilo di papiamentu.

Pabao Little League ta un ekipo di beisbol hubenil (10-12 ana) di Korsou ku a titula kampeon di karibe na .. okashon i tabata kampeon mundial na 2004. E ta forma parti di e Pabou Little League association is a baseball organization for kids from 4 to 16 years old.

Winning the Caribbean Region Championship and making its 11th trip to Williamsport for the 2023 Little League Baseball® World Series (LLBWS), Presented by T-Mobile, is Pabao Little League (Willemstad, Curaçao) thanks to a 6-0 victory over the Dominican Republic in the championship game.

With its victory, Pabao LL will be returning to the LLBWS with the country’s 15th overall appearance in hopes to defend its International Championship title earned in 2022. Since the country’s first tournament appearance in 1980, Curaçao has maintained a winning record, 46-25, with a World Series championship in 2004 and three runner-up finishes in 2005, 2019, and 2022.

Pabao LL finished the Caribbean Region tournament with an unblemished 6-0 record, outscoring its opponents, 47-4, with four shutout performances.

With the first-round matchups of the 2023 LLBWS announced on June 6, Pabao LL will play Australia, represented by Hills Little League, in Game 5 on Thursday, Aug. 17 at 1 p.m. ET at Volunteer Stadium.

The 2023 Little League Baseball World Series, Presented by T-Mobile, is set to take place August 16-27. More information about the 2023 Little League World Series tournaments, including full schedules and downloadable brackets, can be found at

WILLEMSTAD- Djaweps , 10 di ougùstùs 2023 den oranan di mèrdia, e selekshon di Little League Liga Pabou kampion di Karibe a biaha pa Williamsport (USA), pa partisipá den e Kampionato Mundial di Beisbòl Little League. E kampionato Mundial di hóbennan di 11 i 12 aña lo start dia 16 i lo terminá dia 27 di ougùstùs 2023. RBC Royal Bank, representá pa Sharier Dorand manera ta e kaso ku tur selekshon, tabata presente pa duna e selekshon sostén i deseá e delegashon éksito. E sigiente hungadónan ta forma parti di e selekshon.

E artíkulo aki ta skirbí na papiamentu. Lo ta apresiá si por mantené e artíkulo aki na estilo di papiamentu.

Dudley Guniberto Josefa (☆ 1958) ta un karateka di Kòrsou. Deportista – Dirigente Tékniko. a nasé na aña 1958. Dudley na aña 1967 kuminsá práktika deporte di yudo ku su 9 aña serka ..

Bida i karera[editá | editá fuente]

.. a lanta na Kòrsou.

Medaya[editá | editá fuente]

  • 1987: Plata - Kampeonato hulandes

Mira tambe e kategoria Didi Gregorius di Wikimedia Commons pa mas dato mediatiko tokante di e tema aki.

E artíkulo aki ta skirbí na papiamentu. Lo ta apresiá si por mantené e artíkulo aki na estilo di papiamentu.

Sherry Howell (☆ [[]] na Kòrsou) tabata un atleta kurasoleño.

Sherry Howell - Eckerd College, Softball and Volleyball Howell played four years of softball and volleyball for Eckerd College from 1990 to 1993. She graduated in 1993 with a double major of Business Management and Psychology. The native of Curacao, Neth. Antilles, was a pitcher, a shortstop and centerfielder. She was a four-time All-America in softball, was named to the South Region team four times and the All-SSC team four times. Howell won or shared player-of-the-year honors twice in the conference and concluded her athletic career by being selected the SSC female athlete-of-the-year for the 1992-93 season. Howell holds the NCAA, Division II career batting average in softball at .524, is third in career slugging average at .921, 13th in home runs with 29 and second in single season highest batting average at 629. She led the nation in hitting as a senior and also doubles percentage. Howell led the conference in batting average four different years. In 1999, she represented her country in the World Games in Japan. Howell, who is fluent in six languages, was named All-Conference in volleyball two of the four years she played.

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Mira tambe e kategoria Josh Palacios di Wikimedia Commons pa mas dato mediatiko tokante di e tema aki.

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Selekshon antiano di futbòl tabata e tim nashonal di futbòl ku tabata representa Antias Hulandes di 1958 te 2010 na wega y torneonan internacional. E tabata kai bou di NAVU, ku tabata konsisti di Kòrsou i Boneiru despues ku Aruba a separa na 1986. Netherlands Antilles national football team (Dutch, "Nederlands-Antilliaans voetbalelftal"; Papiamentu, "Selekshon Antiano di futbòl") was the national team of the former Netherlands Antilles from 1958 to 2010. It was controlled by the Nederlands Antilliaanse Voetbal Unie. The NAVU consisted of Curaçao and Bonaire. Aruba split in 1986 and has its own team.

The Netherlands Antilles team never qualified for the FIFA World Cup. The country managed to come third in the CONCACAF championships of 1963 and 1969; during the 1963 tournament they were unofficial football world champions for four days after beating Mexico and before losing to Costa Rica.[1]

Reforma di Antias Hulandes[editá | editá fuente]

Tras e reformanan konstitushonal denter di Reino Hulandes di 10 di òktober 2010 i e final di e torneo di kualifikashon pa Kopa Karibe 2010 e selekshon antiano di futbòl a pasa over den e selekshon nashonal di futbòl di Kòrsou. Un par di aña despues Boneiru a bira miembro interino di CFU i 2012 miembro asosiá di CONCACAF.

Mira tambe[editá | editá fuente]

The Curaçao national football team (Template:Lang-nl; Papiamentu: Selekshon di Futbòl Kòrsou) represents Curaçao in International football and is controlled by the Curaçao Football Federation (Federashon Futbòl Kòrsou; FFK).[1]

Following a constitutional change that allowed its predecessor, the Colony of Curaçao and Dependencies to become a unified constituent country consisting of several island territories as the Netherlands Antilles and its dissolution in 2010, Curaçao has played under a new constitutional status as a separate constituent country since 2011.[2]

Both FIFA and CONCACAF recognize the Curaçao national team to be the direct and sole successor of the dependant Curaçao (1921–1958) and the Netherlands Antilles national football teams.[3][4][5]

History[editá | editá fuente]


The first national football team to bear the name Curaçao was the Territory of Curaçao national football team, which made its debut in 1924 in an away match against neighboring Aruba, a match which the Territory of Curaçao won four to nil.

E articulo aki ta uza ortografia di Papiamento. Lo aprecia si por mantene e articulo aki na estilo di Papiamento.

Seleccion nacional di futbol di Aruba ta e ekipo di futbol cu ta representa Aruba na wega y torneonan internacional, manera na e weganan di cualificacion pa Copa Mundial y den Copa Caribe. Tur tramite pa e seleccion ta bou encargo di AVB, funda na 1932 y afilia na CFU, CONCACAF y FIFA desde 1988.

The Aruba national football team (Dutch: Arubaans voetbalelftal; Papiamento: Seleccion Arubano di futbol) is the national team of Aruba, it was founded in 1932 and is affiliated with the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), CONCACAF and FIFA (since 1988) and is controlled by the Arubaanse Voetbal Bond.

History[editá | editá fuente]

Between 1924 and 1933, Aruba only played against Curaçao, although these matches are not considered official.[6] Aruba participated in its first tournament at the 1955 CCCF Championship, where they finished in 5th place. In 1958, Aruba became part of the Netherlands Antilles until their secession in 1986.

Following its split from the Netherlands Antilles, the Aruba Football Federation was affiliated in 1988 with CONCACAF and FIFA. Aruba entered qualifying for the 1989 Caribbean Cup, and in its first group match it suffered the worst defeat in its history, at the hands of Trinidad and Tobago, which crushed them 11–0. They played their first World Cup qualifying match against the Dominican Republic as part of the 1998 World Cup qualifying. Aruba has participated in all the qualifying tournaments for the World Cup since, without being able to get past the first qualifying round.

Aruba has also yet to qualify for the Caribbean Cup. However, they showed some progress in the preliminary round of the 2014 Caribbean Cup by getting two wins against Turks and Caicos (1–0) and British Virgin Islands (7–0), the latter being the biggest victory in its history. These results allowed them to reach 120th place in the FIFA World Ranking for the month of June 2014, their best ranking to date. Following these victories, Aruba lost 2–0 against French Guiana and were eliminated.

Aruba began their 2018 World Cup qualification in the second round against Barbados, losing 2–0 at home and 1–0 away, however FIFA ruled that Barbados had fielded an ineligible player, giving Aruba a 3–0 second leg victory and advancing them to the third round. Despite that, in the next round they were defeated again, this time by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines who won 3–2 on aggregate. Aruba failed to progress in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, finishing 4th in the first round.

E selekshon di Boneiru a kuminsa komo tim nashonal despues ku e tim antiano a keda disolbé na òktober 2010. E ta partisipa tur aña den e Torneo ABCS, kual na 2011 e ta gana sorpresivamente derotando Aruba 4-3 durante e tanda di penalty despues di un empate di 2:2 den final.[4]

Selekshon nashonal di futbòl di Sürnam ta e tim di futbòlista ku ta representa Sürnam. E ta kai bou di .........., ku ta miembro di CFU i miembro asosiá di CONCACAF.

Historia[editá | editá fuente]

E selekshon di Sürnam a kuminsa komo tim nashonal

Torneo ABCS[editá | editá fuente]

Boneiru den torneo ABCS
Aña Lugá W G E P GF GC
Kòrsou 2010 di kuater 2 0 1 1 5 7
 Sürnam 2011 kampeón 2 1 1 0 5 3
Aruba 2012 di kuater 2 0 0 2 2 17
Kòrsou 2013 di tres 2 1 0 1 2 3
 Sürnam 2015 di kuater 2 0 0 2 1 7
Kòrsou 2021 supkampeón 2 1 0 1 4 4
Kòrsou 2022 di kuater 2 ? 0 ? 1 5
Total 6/6 14 3 2 7 20 46

Na de staatkundige hervormingen binnen het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden van 10 oktober 2010 en na afronding van het kwalificatietoernooi van de Caribbean Cup 2010 ging het Nederlands-Antilliaans voetbalelftal over in het Curaçaos voetbalelftal. Bonaire werd een paar jaar later voorlopig lid van de Caraïbische Voetbalunie CFU en op 19 april 2012 geassocieerd lid van de CONCACAF, en kan daarom in de toekomst inschrijven voor de Caribbean Cup.

Het Bonairiaans voetbalelftal is een team van voetballers dat Bonaire vertegenwoordigt. Bonaire is niet aangesloten bij de FIFA en kan daarom niet deelnemen aan het wereldkampioenschap. Bonaire doet jaarlijks mee aan het ABCS-toernooi, dat het in 2011 verrassend won.

The Bonaire national football team (Template:Lang-nl; Template:Lang-pap) is the national football team of the Caribbean island of Bonaire, a public body of the Netherlands. It is under the control of the Bonaire Football Federation. It became a member of the CFU and an associate member of CONCACAF on 19 April 2013.[1][2][3] after which it became a full CONCACAF member on 10 June 2014[4] The team can participate in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and Caribbean Cup because of their membership in the confederation and sub-confederation.[5] However, Bonaire is not a member of FIFA and therefore can not compete in the FIFA World Cup or other FIFA events.[6][7]

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Selekshon antiano di futbòl tabata e tim nashonal di futbòl ku tabata representa Antias Hulandes na wega y torneonan internacional, manera na .......

Reforma Antias Hulandes[editá | editá fuente]

Tras e reformanan konstitushonal denter di Reino Hulandes di 10 di òktober 2010 i e final di e torneo di kualifikashon pa Kopa Karibe 2010 e selekshon antiano di futbòl a pasa over den e selekshon nashonal di futbòl di Kòrsou. Un par di aña despues Boneiru a bira miembro interino di CFU i desde 19 di aprel 2012 miembro asosiá di CONCACAF, i den futuro por inskribí pa Kopa di Oro.

ta kambio na selekshon nashonal di KorsouOorspronkelijk heette het "Honkbal Nederlandse Antillen Nationaal Team", maar op 10 oktober 2010 werd de Nederlandse Antillen als regering ontmanteld (details zijn " Nederlandse Antillen "), de naam van het nationale team werd ook gewijzigd in "Curaçao Nationaal Team "." The Netherlands Antilles national baseball team was a national team of the Netherlands Antilles and was controlled by the Netherlands Antillean Baseball Federation. It represented the former nation in senior-level men's international competition.

The Netherlands Antilles team was distinct from the Netherlands national baseball team.

The Netherlands Antilles were represented in twelve Baseball World Cups. Their highest finish was 7th place.[1]

Seleccion nacional di baseball di Aruba ta e team di baseball cu ta representa Aruba na wega y torneonan internacional, manera na Weganan Panamericano.

Template:America baseball teams Template:National sports teams of Aruba

E artíkulo aki ta skirbí na papiamentu. Lo ta apresiá si por mantené e artíkulo aki na estilo di papiamentu.

Historisch overzicht[editá | editá fuente]

WK-jaar Gastland(en) Aantal deelnemers Wereldkampioen Uitslag van de finale 2e plaats 3e plaats 4e plaats
1930 Template:UY 13  Uruguay 4 – 2  Argentina  Estadonan Uni di Merka Template:YUG
1934 (kwalificaties)  Italia 16 Template:ITA-1861f 2 – 1 n.v. Template:TCHf Template:GER-1935f Template:AUTf
1938 (kwalificaties)  Fransia 15 Template:ITA-1861f 4 – 2  Hungria Brasil  Suesia
1942 Kansela pa motibu di Guera Mundial II
1946 Afgelast vanwege de Tweede Wereldoorlog
1950 (kwalificaties) Template:BR-1889 13 Template:URUf 2 - 1 Brasil  Suesia  Spaña
1954 (kwalificaties) Template:CH 16 Template:FRGf 3 – 2 Template:HUN-1949f Template:AUTf Template:URUf
1958 (kwalificaties) Template:SE 16 Template:BRA-1889f 5 – 2 Template:SWEf Template:FRAf Template:FRGf
1962 (kwalificaties) Template:CL 16 Template:BRAf 3 – 1 Template:TCHf Template:CHIf Template:YUGf
1966 (kwalificaties) Template:EN 16 Template:ENGf 4 – 2 n.v. Template:FRGf Template:PORf Template:URS-1955f
1970 (kwalificaties) Template:MX 16 Template:BRA-1968f 4 – 1 Template:ITAf Template:FRGf Template:URUf
1974 (kwalificaties) Template:DE-1949-WD 16 Template:FRGf 2 – 1 Template:NEDf Template:POLf Template:BRA-1968f
1978 (kwalificaties) Template:AR 16 Template:ARGf 3 – 1 n.v. Template:NEDf Template:BRA-1968f Template:ITAf
1982 (kwalificaties) Template:ES 24 Template:ITAf 3 – 1 Template:FRGf Template:POLf Template:FRAf
1986 (kwalificaties)

Template:MX 24 Template:ARGf 3 – 2 Template:FRGf Template:FRAf Template:BELf
1990 (kwalificaties) Template:IT 24 Template:FRGf 1 – 0 Template:ARGf Template:ITAf Template:ENGf
1994 (kwalificaties) Template:US 24 Template:BRAf 0 – 0 n.v. (P: 3-2) Template:ITAf Template:SWEf Template:BULf
1998 (kwalificaties) Template:FR 32 Template:FRAf 3 – 0 Template:BRAf Template:CROf Template:NEDf
2002 (kwalificaties) Template:KR
32 Template:BRAf 2 – 0 Template:GERf Template:TURf Template:KORf
2006 (kwalificaties) Template:DE 32 Template:ITAf 1 – 1 n.v. (P: 5-3) Template:FRAf Template:GERf Template:PORf
2010 (kwalificaties) Template:ZA 32 Template:ESPf 1 – 0 n.v. Template:NEDf Template:GERf Template:URUf
2014 (kwalificaties) Template:BR 32 Template:GERf 1 – 0 n.v. Template:ARGf Template:NEDf Template:BRAf
2018 (kwalificaties) Template:RU 32 Template:FRAf 4 – 2 Template:CROf Template:BELf Template:ENGf
2022 (kwalificaties) Template:QA 32
2026 (kwalificaties) Template:CA

  1. Bjarkman 2005, pp.416–39